Guide to Visiting Vietnam?



Travelers rave about Vietnam’s exceptionally friendly people, colorful hill tribes, stunning landscape, and gorgeous beach locations. But, discerning visitors often plan a trip to Vietnam with a single question in mind, “Is the summer a good time to visit Vietnam?” The answer is “Yes!”

Best places for traveling Vietnam in Summer

Traditionally, the summertime in Vietnam was regarded as the ‘low season’ for tourism. This was because numerous potential vacationers were put off, since June, July and August are the monsoon months. However, recently, travelers have come to learn that the central coast of Vietnam is at its very best, with blue skies, reduced humidity, and mild onshore breezes.

Cua Dai beach (Hoian)

Travelers will still need to take temperatures into account, as heavy rain has an effect on the north and south of Vietnam.  Occasionally, clouds show up quickly, a solid breeze springs up, the sky darkens, and the rain pours down for about 20 minutes, leaving behind calm skies, and soon, the sunshine returns and the temperature rises once more.

My Khe beach

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When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

The peak season is from September to April when the weather is beautiful from north to south Vietnam, although the center of the country receives a large amount of rain.  Vietnam’s elongated shape, stretching from the tropics to the sub-tropics zone, accounts for the varied climate in the country. Vietnam is a year-round destination, so when one part of Vietnam is cloudy and rainy, there are other parts of the country that can be sunny and warm.  North Vietnam enjoys four seasons, meanwhile Central and South have simply rainy and dry seasons. Ultimately, most travelers come to Vietnam from September to April.


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