Arctic Cruise: The Best Kept Secrets

Just imagine:

You wake up.

Get out of bed.

Walk over to your balcony, peel the door back and gaze up at the falling glaciers on your Arctic cruise.

In the distance, you hear the slight sound of penguins.

Utter relaxation.

One of the UK’s top luxury cruise agencies, The Luxury Cruise Company, invited me to an evening talk on Silverseas’ expedition Arctic cruise. 

The Arctic cruise talk was led by Royal Geographical Society member and environmentalist Dr. Claudia Holgate (like the toothpaste!).

Fully immersing us into her life as a crew member onboard her Arctic cruise.

Throughout the evening, I collated a list of the top 7 reasons to take an Arctic cruise.

7. Small Luxury Arctic Cruise Ships

Arctic cruise ships have to navigate into the small picturesque locations, this means they have to be quite small.

Generally speaking:

You won’t find more than one or two hundred guests onboard.

Please don’t be mistaken that this is a bad thing, in fact, it has large benefits.

Aside from speedy embarkation, you’ll never find endless queues at the buffet!

Sorry – I’m such a foodie.

Dr. Holgate also pointed some of the biggest misconceptions she has come across.

Many customers expect the ship to look like a cargo ship, with no style or glamour to it.

Although from the outside it’s essential Arctic cruise ships can break through the ice, onboard they are nothing less than 6* luxury.

6. No Dickie Bow Dining

Of course, this is subjective to your cruise.

However, speaking for the majority, you won’t find a dress code onboard an Arctic cruise.


This does mean there are also no formal nights on an Arctic cruise.

Depending on the type of cruiser you are, this can be a positive or negative thing.

But I know for me, I always cherish the formal nights so I’d definitely miss this.

5. Expert Arctic Cruise Staff

A close friend of mine recently got back from a Mediterranean cruise.

Out of respect, I shall keep the cruise line anonymous.

Firstly, she did say there were exotic locations, fabulous entertainment, and gourmet dining.

However, she was extremely disappointed by the crew, who were very rude.

In all my cruising experience, I have never come across this.

In fact, much more frequently it’s passengers being rude to crew members!

Cruise ship staff are some of the best-trained hospitality staff around the globe.

One of the perks of expedition Arctic cruise ship staff is that they’re all knowledgeable about the destination and sights you can see in the Arctic.

Going overboard to put you at ease and give you a trip to remember.

4. Arctic Cruise Luxury Living

You will probably remember, earlier I mentioned about expedition Arctic cruise ships being 6* luxury – I wasn’t joking.

After a full day of enjoying all the beauties of the Arctic nature, you can reside back to your luxury suite.

Giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax and reflect on your travels.

Arctic cruise ship, the Silver Explorer (by Silversea Cruises), is a perfect example of this.

This 354-foot beauty boasts a tiny capacity of just 144, with each cabin onboard being a suite.

Relax in one of the many bars, numerous lounges of indulge in a treatment at the Zagara spa such as the Lava rock massage.

3. Bucket List

Ever dream of watching a falling glacier on an Arctic cruise?

Well, that’s just what you’ll get with an expedition cruise.

Mainstream holiday destinations such as Spain or Turkey will not be found on an expedition cruise.

In fact, that summarises the whole purpose of taking an expedition Arctic cruise.

This is because it’s primarily focused on destination and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Is there any other way to see these destinations all in one holiday?

From Antartica to the South Pacific; the list of wonders is endless.

2. Knowledge Beyond Belief

Coming back from your expedition arctic cruise, you’ll be an Arctic cruise destination expert.

With first-hand knowledge of course.

In the evenings onboard your Arctic cruise, rather than watching a Broadway-style show, you can attend a lecture to delve further into the locations and animals you have come across.

You’ll certainly have a conversion stater for your friends!

1. Dream Destinations

What else could possibly stand as number one?

Many ports across the globe can be commercialized by cruising.

Yet, the beauty of an expedition Arctic cruise is that you visit places untouched.

These locations can’t be reached by larger ships.

With dream experiences such as roaming with polar bears and watching falling Glaciers on your Arctic cruise; what can possibly be stopping you?

This is not a holiday; it’s a life experience.


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