Johannesburg is often considered a historic destination for travelers who want to find more about the great leader of Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela. There is no doubt about the historical value of Johannesburg. However, this is just one of the many places that tourists can visit. There are several compelling tourist destinations that can be of great interest and offer tourists great value for money. The city is filled with all types of accommodations, cheap and expensive. Therefore, you will be accommodated according to your budget requirements. As a quick tip, always rely on trustworthy air travel agents like Reliance Travels for having really cheap flights to Johannesburg. You can easily find flights to Johannesburg but you want them to be cheap, you must be able to dig a little deep. Let us have a detailed view of some exotic places in Johannesburg for tourists.

Nelson Mandela National Museum

The previous home of Nelson Mandela has been converted into Nelson Mandela National Museum. He used to live there before he was imprisoned. Tourists can easily locate any of the long time residents who can act as guide. The museum has preserved all the different items which were once used by Mr. Nelson Mandela. The museum is located in Soweto and it is one of the prime reasons why tourists from all over the world visit Johannesburg every year.

Museum Africa

This museum was originally founded back in 1933. The sole purpose of this museum has been to exhibit the history of the African continent. The site used for building this museum previously had on it the fruit and vegetable market of Newtown. Tourists interested in exploring the history of Africa can find many books and other related material there. Some of the books have also been donated to the museum by Johannesburg Library. It is a great place to discover more about the history and culture of Africa.

Apartheid Museum

This is another great museum which has been a longstanding tourist attraction for tourists from all over the world. This particular museum is dedicated exclusively to the history of South Africa. This museum came into being as a result of an initiative taken by the South Africa Government back in 1995. Originally, the museum had to be attached with the Gold Reef City and named Freedom Park. However, owing to some controversies, its name had later been changed to Apartheid Museum.

Johannesburg Art Gallery

Johannesburg Art Gallery is an excellent place for tourists with interest in art. The art gallery is located within the Joubert Park. There are 15 exhibition halls in the art gallery. There is a garden within the park as well that has sculptures. The art displayed in the art gallery is stretched to five centuries. The art gallery had been opened for public back in 1980. There have been several additions made to it with time.

Johannesburg is a very interesting place for tourists to visit. There are several compelling attractions in Johannesburg like the Nelson Mandela National Museum, wildlife, African art, culture, and history. There are few other places on earth that offer such a variety of tourist attractions found in Johannesburg.


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