With a myriad of family-friendly activities, romantic getaway spots and attention to eco-smart travel, a visit to Cairns is a must for those looking to spice up any vacation itinerary.


Travelers to Cairns should take full advantage of the area’s warm, tropical environment with a zipline trip through Daintree Rainforest. Designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Daintree gets visitors up close and personal with native Australian flora and fauna. A short day trip from Cairns, Daintree offers full access to three diverse environments providing a glimpse into the area’s many unique habitats. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the native Wetlands, Rainforest and Grasslands or get comfortable with an afternoon lunch or snack while enjoying Daintree National Park. For the more adventurous, breathtaking zipline tours are offered that display the many splendors of the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Adrenaline and Extreme Adventures

Getting outside is a must in Cairns and the best way to experience all this area has to offer is to fly. Taking a tandem sky dive over Cairns is one of the best ways to thrill the heart and the soul all with sky-high views that include the expanse of the famous Great Barrier Reef. New skydivers are welcome and adventure seekers can choose between a dive from 11,000ft or 14,000ft. The dive itself offers stunning visuals of the azure waters of the Coral Sea and the Atherton Tablelands to the west and the World Heritage Rainforest to the north. Skydivers should make sure to purchase the available photos or a DVD of their jump to keep for posterity, as the memories are just as spectacular as the jump itself.

Family Friendly

While the kids might not be ready for the sky dive, they can most certainly benefit from the gorgeous climate and outdoor fun offered in Cairns. Parents should opt to take the entire family for a visit at the popular Cairns Night Zoo Safari, where the fun happens after dark. A traditional Australian barbecue feast is prepared nightly, with a torchlight safari to spot wildlife, family-friendly live music and entertainment, and stargazing by the campfire. This family evening out makes a night at the zoo simply magical. To make things easier for you, you can book a hotel in Cairns through Expedia that is within walking distance of the Zoo and other family friendly activities. A little bit of planning can save you a future headache when your little children are wiped out and want to go home after a fulfilled day.

Limited Stay

If visitors are short on time and want to make the most of their travels to Cairns, a fun way to enjoy the tropical vibe of the area is to opt for a day of horseback riding and ATV quad bike riding. There are various full-day tours offered from Cairns and the surrounding area of Palm Cove. Skilled guides are ready to lead eager groups through enclaves of lush rainforest, sugarcane fields and the famous Australian bush. Whether one goes by horse or by ATV, the experience is a unique way to explore the natural diversity of Cairns at its best.

With so many ways to enjoy this beautiful area of Australia, it’s no wonder that Cairns is becoming a premium destination for seasoned global trekkers, families and outdoor-lovers alike.


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