It has always been known that Sri Lanka is a beautiful paradise. However, even all that beauty needs peace. Sri Lanka was able to achieve a peaceful solution to its internal problems and many people are flocking to experience this unique paradise. Like many parts of the world, peace is in the hearts of the majority of people. This should come as no surprise as seventy percent of the people of Sri Lankan happen to be Buddhists.

How Not to Offend the Locals

When you visit this lovely island you can feel comfortable shaking hands with people you meet. It is the customary greeting. It is also customary to be offered the nation’s favorite beverage – tea. Under no circumstances refuse tea as it will be seen as rude and thoughtless. If you are invited to any event, home or venue in Sri Lanka make certain you are on time. Unpunctuality is regarded as an offense to your host and other guests. It is seen as thoughtful to present your host or hostess with a small gift.

It is most important to show respect for places of worship in Sri Lanka. Remember, the people are conservative and religion is a part of their daily lives. Men and women must be modestly attired when entering temples. This means upper arms and legs must be covered. You must leave your shoes at the doorway and take off hats.

Best Beaches

The beaches of Sri Lanka are legendary and one of the main reasons people flock to the island. The most spectacular beaches are found at Galle and Negombo.

Galles is actually a citadel but also has small luxury hotels. It is an interesting little town with trendy cafes, a maze of charming backstreets and shops. You will find long sandy beaches with safe waters for swimming and other sports situated at Unawatuna. This is the beach where you can work on your tan and work off energy by partaking in a variety of water sports. A charming activity for women is to visit nearby Lady Sea Baths. This is where local women go to swim. As so many residents of this area are following the Islamic faith the women bathe fully clothed. Smiling, chattering women in their brightly colored dresses is a special sight to behold.

More sandy beaches can be found at Negombo. This is a coastal village that was restored. It has all the charming atmosphere of an exotic little fishing village. The beaches situated here are geared to keep visitors happy. You can take an underwater diving course. This is a memorable experience due to the prolific and brightly colored underwater life around the island. To add even more interest for divers, there’s a forty year old shipwreck.

Culture and Food

For those who want to wander about Galle or Negombo there is still impressive Dutch and Portuguese architecture to admire. The religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam as well as the cultures of India, Portugal, Britain, China and The Netherlands all contribute to the cuisine of the island. In general, food is spicy. There are specific local delicacies enjoyed by visitors. Fudge made from the fruit of the kitul palm called Fudgery; a cross between a crumpet and muffin with a soft egg on top called a Hopper; very thin discs made of rice flour called Stringhoppers; the delicious but smelly durian fruit.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful destination for families. The people of Sri Lanka are friendly and gracious and they love children. You will find children are welcome almost anywhere. It is not a part of the local culture to exclude kids from life. There are many special activities to keep kids happy and they are as diverse as art lessons and cricket.


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