Dubai is known as one of the world’s most expensive and beautiful cities. Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. It is also well known for its extraordinary luxury hotels and guest houses with all amenities. Dubai is the home to the tallest building and the biggest mall in the world. Dubai is also famous because of its conjures images of royalty, towering skyscrapers, flashy sports cars etc. This is also one of the best beach destinations in all over the world, with a tropical climate and small rainfall. Even more, its black palace beach also has an attraction for tourists. Another attraction in Dubai is its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping and lively life.

If we are talking about its culture, Dubai is rooted in Islamic tradition. That’s why it is essential that when tourists visit Dubai, they must regard and behave suitably. It is the entertainment capital of the Middle East which is also known as a city of luxury hotels and guest houses. Dubai Mall is a place where they have a big aquarium, Underwater Zoo and discovery centre, which is the world’s most extensive Acrylic Panel. The Ice Rink of Dubai Mall is a multi-purpose venue. It is the second-largest shopping mall. If we discuss hotels in Dubai mall, it has a variety of lodges which include all types of hotels. Like low cost, high rate, luxury hotels, semi-luxury etc. thus, Dubai leads in the world’s most significant hotel occupancy rates.

Hotels in Dubai mall offer 1 to 3 swimming pools with amazing views. Its rooms and suites are filled with composure neutral tones. The large living and sleeping areas melt perfectly into each other, complemented by capable architecture and state of the art technology with lights and even room service controlled through an iPod as well. Some hotels have 3 types of pools that offer their own unique experience. The lower pool is excellent for families with a shallow dashing area, few outdoor games and a water slide. Second, the infinity pool has a bar and the third one is the spa pool. The spa pool is open to provide a serene environment and guest spa also.

Hotels in Dubai mall also offer a state of the art gym for guests who would like to keep fit. Also all the hotel’s rooms understated elegance feature cure line are decorated with luxury fabrics. Hotels in Dubai mall also provide modern appliances like a flat-screen TV with DVD. Ipad docking stations and free Wi-Fi. Some hotels in the Dubai mall offer sophisticated dining options including all types of food like Japanese and chine’s cuisine with a modern twist.

Bur Dubai is a historic district in Dubai located on the western side of Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai is home to several popular places for a visit including renovated historical sites and museums. Many shopping streets, souk, perfume houses, large mosques, Zabeel Park, Al Seef and hotels are in Bur Dubai. The hotels in Bur Dubai have a unique attraction for tourists with luxury rooms and affordable prices. Hotels in Bur Dubai are very famous for living because they are all located between the Bur Dubai and Dubai creek and have a walking distance from all the shopping centres and other visiting places.

There are nearby Hotels in Bur Dubai that have waterfront winding, Sheikh Saeed House, diving village and recreation of a Bedouin Village. The hotels in Bur Dubai have a close by shop for souvenirs in the souqs and Indian markets stalls to the Grand Mosque. The hotels in Bur Dubai are located near lavish Burjuman and large malls which are great attraction for the tourists. There are also educational play centres, children’s city and bridges nearby hotels in Bur Dubai. Hotels in Bur Dubai are an excellent location for a pleasant stay and are just minutes away from all visiting places.

As Dubai is the main centre of attraction by the visitors and this number is increasing day by day. In this aspect, not only hotels, the guest’s houses in Dubai are also growing day by day. These guest houses provide the visitors with a comforting environment and fulfil all needs within an affordable budget and even for long term stay. These hotels and guest houses offer stylish settings to make the moments unique and memorable, which increase the interest of people to spend time in Dubai for a pleasant and memorable trip. The beach hotels in Dubai, guest houses, for oceanfront villas and exclusive bars have an excellent attraction for the tourists.

Dubai is on the second number in global cities, which is famous for its luxury hotels, guest houses and an enjoyable place for each ageing person. Compatible with world-class luxury hotels, guest houses, villas, and resorts, Dubai is known as a luxury traveller’s dream all over the world.


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