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Top 7 Uncool Things To Do On A Cruise Ship



Cruising-newbies often make those dreaded first mistakes on a cruise ship, so here to help; I’ve written a guide on the most cringe-worthy things I spot passengers doing on cruise ships. From fighting to ugly shorts! Also, check out Six Tips For The Cruise Newbie.

7. Wear Catastrophic Shorts


I’m thinking of you as I write this.

From the teen phase and beyond, fashion has always been a crucial part of my life. I guess I’m just like that!

Maybe it’s the inner Eddie and Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous) in me?

However, as for my father, it’s a different case!

I’m sorry Dad but loud ugly shorts must never be worn:

End of story.

Of course, that does also include Hawaiian shirts (Unless for a themed evening).

6. Steal Sunbeds

There is only one thing that really irritates me on a cruise;

When I spot other passengers hogging double the amount of sunbeds they actually need.


No! They’ve been sitting there since 5 am just to reserve their spot.

I see this scenario play out far too often on cruise holidays.

But what these passengers don’t realize is there is absolutely no need to do this.

The beauty of cruise ships is that they are designed to be incredibly spacious, packed with places for you to unwind. So there’s no need to head straight for the sunbeds; Why not relax in one of the many onboard lounges, bars or reception?

But that’s not just it…

Word of warning:

If you place your towels on a sunbed to try and ‘reserve’ it, the onboard crew has full authority to remove it.

I bet you wished you hadn’t got the early 5 am wakeup call now!

5. Hog The Buffet

Similar to actress Rebel Wilson, my mum always taught me that when you go to a buffet; you take some home!

And so:

This was the plan on my first cruise.

It became my mission to try and sneak as much food as possible back to my cabin.

Cependant, (‘however’ in French….it sounds better) you really don’t need to take this drastic measure on cruise holidays.

Often on various cruise ships, the buffet will be open twenty-four hours a day. This was actually one of the highlights of my maiden cruise onboard the MSC Splendida.

And if you really are desperate to eat in your room, on some cruises, you can order buffet cuisine from room service for free.

4. Miss The Ship

There is a constant relaxed and detoxed atmosphere onboard a cruise ship, with not a worry in the world.


That doesn’t mean things aren’t professional.

Excuse the pun, but cruises are run…well…like a tight ship.

If you haven’t pre-booked an excursion, you may choose just to wander off on your own accord.

That’s absolutely fine!

In fact, I did that for the majority of my first cruise.

However, you must ensure you get back to the ship with plenty of time before it’s due to disembark. Luckily I didn’t have to learn this the hard way!

Under the umbrella of naivety, passengers can be lead to believe that the cruise ship will wait for them. Yet, how you won’t be laughing as you arrive into port (late) to see your vessel sailing off into the sunset…without you.

Not only that:

You will also have to find and fund your own transport to the next destination to re-embark.

3. Rude To Staff

On a recent voyage, I actually witnessed this type of idiotic behavior.

Cruise staff do a marvelous job on cruise ships, many people don’t realize the amount of hours crew actually have to work.

And of course, that’s seven days a week!

No day off.

Throughout your cruise holiday, they provide fantastic service. Nothing is too much trouble. Passengers have absolutely no right to be rude to staff, no matter how rich or famous you are.

On this particular cruise, I was so horrified by what I witnessed, I had to speak up and apologize to the crew member. Nonetheless, he informed me that this is regular treatment he was receiving from passengers.

I was disgusted.

2. Overpack

Whenever holidaying with my parents, we always have what we call a “1st Draft” suitcase. Usually, this is where my mum has tried to fit everything she possibly can (including the kitchen sink) into the suitcase.

We then, of course, remove half of this wasted space and are still able to re-fill it with other junk we don’t need.

There are many perks of cruising from a port within your home country. One of which, there are practically no limited restrictions on the amount of luggage you can take.


What passengers forget is how much cabin space they have.

Endless amounts of luggage can clutter your cabin, making you constantly tread over each other’s toes. And so, pack a reasonable amount, but don’t forget anything either!

1. Create A Fight


Does this even need expanding?

Rules and laws that apply on land, apply at sea.

Those who cause trouble will be thrown off- not literally of course!

You may be unaware, cruise ships have a fully trained security team onboard who are perfected to spot bad behavior.

If passengers commit a crime onboard, they are detained to their cabin immediately. In fact, some cruise ships have an onboard safe room. You will then be handed over to the local port police, and no one wants that.

I hope this article has been helpful and humorous!

I must admit:

I’m number 2!

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