Rwenzori Mountains

Luxury Rwenzori Trekking Tours

In many ways, the definition of a luxury adventure is unique to each and every traveller. At Brilliant, our job is to listen to what a luxury...
Wildebeest Migration

Experience Wildebeest Migration in Kenya & Tanzania

This is one of the top wildlife experiences in Africa. The experience occurs between Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The numbers...
Caribbean Vacations

Exploring The Caribbean In Style

Time has flown so quickly since disembarking from my Caribbean cruise on the Marella Celebration. For me, this was the perfect holiday choice: that’s because the vessel...

Kyrenia: the Jewel of Northern Cyprus

With 340 days of daylight a year and the ideal Mediterranean atmosphere it’s no big surprise a great many guests group to Cyprus consistently to escape the...

Top 7 Unexpected Things On Cruise Ships

Even the most regular cruiser, is often shocked by what you can find onboard cruise ships. From Skydiving to Storm Troopers, the list is endless 7.A Gangplank Reflecting on...

Tips for Cutting Corners to Afford Your Annual Vacation

Saving up money to go away on a trip isn’t always easy. There are a lot of bills and unforeseen expenses that arise out of nowhere, which...

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