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Plan a Food Tour in Vietnam

Vietnamese food has been known around the world because of its flair of freshness and healthiness.  Nothing is more wonderful than combining to explore Vietnamese food through the whole region of Vietnam in a food tour adventure. Each destination has a different style of cuisine and culture and here are a few ways to plan for a food tour in Vietnam:

1. Cooking classes

Cooking classes seems to become a popular travel activity in almost destinations in Vietnam. Instead of traveling from this place to others or just staying a free day at their hotels, cooking activities may bring travelers more fun together and help them to get more local experiences at destinations. It depends on each person they can select a full program (3 hours) or a short program (1 hour) however we recommend a full program. Following these, travelers can visit the local market and select by themselves fresh ingredients or interact with the local people. And then come back to the kitchen and cook themselves on hand. Of courses, A knowledgeable chef will be always there to help learners to understand more about the process and technique in Vietnam culinary.  The class ends with enjoying lunchtime of learners with the food they did. A sharing cooking class will help your customers get more fun with saving their money. However, a big group with more than 15 people will be recommended to organize a private class.
Here are some good addresses for planning a cooking class:

2. Eating with a local family in Hanoi

Instead of eating at a luxury hotel/ restaurant, a traditional meal with a local family will bring more valuable experience for travelers. Sharing different culture style in eating. Trying various local food as the residents eat at home, chatting and talking about what life is like in Vietnam, get tips on Vietnamese dining etiquette, serve Vietnamese food or simply practice how to use a chopstick or serve food in Vietnam… The friendly and cozy atmosphere at the host family will bring travelers new and different experiences.

3. Enjoying some fun Street foods

Street food is the heart and soul to many of the Southeast Asian countries and Vietnam is certainly one of them. Definitely, visitors cannot miss street food while getting some city tour activities if they want to explore Vietnamese culture. Thus, savvy visitors tend to prefer walking on small streets and try to sit on tiny plastic chairs and sharing tables with strangers and eat local food in an open – air coffee shop/restaurant. Food travelers will adore these meals both for food and experience the way to enjoy the food here, not referring to the cheap prices. Some food Vietnam food classics are recommended such as Pho (noodle soup), Bun dau (fried tofu), cafe sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk) … Taking a street food tour, a local guide will give you travelers an in-depth introduction to the local delicacies, markets, and eating habits. That would be a fun and different experience to discover the cuisine of Vietnam on the back of vintage Vespa, riding for sightseeing and then stopping off at a small cafe/restaurant.  for eating and drinking. Vespa tours are available in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi an and Ho Chi Minh city. It’s around 4 hours for a Vespa street food tour. The tour designer will be very flexible about time and itinerary with helping visitors to enjoy the inside of the local.

Trip note for planning a food tour in Vietnam:

+ If someone books food tour, do not forget taking a note their diet or food allergy they have.

+ It depends on the kind of age of travelers to consult the suitable style of the food tour. The family group and old group trends to prefer cooking class, enjoying with local family however the young group likes taking the Vespa adventure food tour.

+ To satisfy the need of customers about taking a food tour in Vietnam. You need to understand their expectations about it. We will be flexible for designing the food style to gastronomists.  A food tour for the person who needs to experience the local and relaxes time will be different from the food tour for food experts. The local guides we have already selected are experienced experts in food and culture but we also can arrange a famous food chef in Vietnam in their inquiries.

+ Eating out may be a challenging thing but not everybody wants to try. Someone may concern about hygiene and the noise at the open-air restaurant. Your customer needs to be aware of the fact of food tours and the benefits from the food tour they will get.

+ For taking a street food, you need to prepare some accessories for going out such as mask, sunscreen, tissue. For eating with a local family, you may have some note for bringing a small gift for kids of the local family (maybe).

+ Vietnamese food is very rich and diverse. The tastes in the North will be very different from the taste in the South and Centre. If your customers are foodies, we recommend enjoying the different tastes of food and dishes in Vietnam. You may check out the list of the menu to avoid the same dish at different places.

+ For sharing or private group tour, you need to take a note with the local tour operator. The price will be very far different. More than 16 people, a private tour will be a high recommendation.

To customize a food tour in Vietnam, we may inspire travelers with a combination of culinary tours in Southeast Asia countries. The travel experts will be very flexible with helping you to bring our local experiences at the destinations and share with travelers. Need to inquire a food tour, you may contact our local tour operator in Southeast Asia at


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