Whale Watching in South Africa

Whale Watching in South Africa

Whale watching might seem boring and if it does, it’s probably not the activity for you. It’s relaxing as anything could be, just drifting out on the ocean, listening to the waves and the birds and, if you’re lucky, some of the world’s biggest animals. When a large breed of whale comes up to sun itself and crashes back against the water it can cause tidal waves, something amazing to watch but not so much fun to experience.

If you know you want to check them out but not where, try South Africa this year, maybe Cape Town or somewhere nearby. It is summertime for them and the waters are warm.

The southern tip of Africa is one of the more civilized portions of the continent. With that civilization comes a bustling tourism industry and you wouldn’t be the only person traveling so far to see some monstrous whales, that’s a guarantee. As far as services in Africa go, Cape Town is one of the nicest places, offering five star hotels and plenty of nightlife for you to enjoy while you visit. It isn’t an especially expensive place to go either and that makes it more attractive to sightseers working on a tight budget or fixed income. Right now is probably the best time of year to go visit as they’re in the middle of summer by now with how cold things are in the northern half of the world.

Cape Town has all the comforts of the modern world and you can get them there for a fraction of the price charged elsewhere. That means great rooms at hotels like the Myoli Accommodation for as little as £15 a night. That’s a nice place too, not any roach motel. Food is cheap too and you can find some great restaurants with low prices, probably low enough to eat out for your whole vacation. It’s really the best city you could possibly choose if you’re sure you want to stay in South Africa. Even the food is better than what you could get in nearby cities.

For a distinctly French cuisine experience, try out La Colombe, right in the middle of Cape Town. It’s central location and exquisite food make the place a necessary stop for anyone passing through the area. Even if you’re there to watch the whales, that means you. Alternatively Beleza has some of the cheapest, tastiest Italian and Portuguese food in the country. Contantia Uitsig has excellent seafood too and all of these restaurants will give you a full stomach and that satisfied feeling you deserve for the price you pay, which will happen to be less than £30 regardless of where you go. With this many, good choices it will be tough to narrow it down to just one.


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