Honeymoon in East Africa

Magical Honeymoon Spots in Africa



Are you looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? Just end the search in Africa since the continent has it all. As you know couple destinations need to be in a humble quiet unique setting full of comfort and free style adventure activities especially on beaches, Islands & wild places. It’s good to move out of a busy towns to a new environment which blends culture, food, weather and environment without forgetting the lodge/hotels location & view.

However, the wonderful Africa continent has what all couples look for in an African honeymoon tour holidays full of romantic getaways and unforgettable experience. Great honeymoon spots in Africa include Masai Mara National Park, Kenya (best for wild dining & wildlife), Seychelles Islands( Exotic beaches and resorts full of couple adventures), Zanzibar Island ( perfect for beach lovers), Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar(quiet place in a village setting),Victoria falls in Zambia ( A rare fall in Africa Worthy looking at endlessly), Cape Wine land, South Africa( common known as the wineland), Murchison falls national park, Lake Kivu & Islands in Rwanda, Mauritius,Queen Elizabeth NP,Mombasa beaches, Lake Victoria Island of Ssese and Bunyonyi, Bwindi forest and Volcanoes (the Gorilla land) among others.

Though Africa has several honey moon destinations for amazing honeymoon safaris, Couples have to take note of the following before booking a perfect hassle free tailor made honey moon holiday to any destination in Africa bite Budget, Deluxe or Luxury.

Couple travel interests

All couples need to know what makes the other party happy or smile before choosing a perfect honey moon destination. Discus it over with your partner and get to know exactly what he/she feels like doing on a couple vacation, favorite food or cuisine, entertainments etc. If you are both beach funs then chose a beach or island destinations places close to water like the Seychelles island, Zanzibar beach in Tanzania, Lake Kivu in Rwanda ,Mauritius etc and if you love animals, the wildlife parks are the best like Masai Mara National park, Murchison falls National park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & volcanoes National park etc though you can also chose to mix destinations both the wild and beach destinations in order to taste both the wild and beach setting.

Honeymoon holiday budget

This is something you must look at before planning a tour holiday not only honeymoon safari tours but all tours in general. Look at the amount of dollars or pounds you ready to part with and plan rightly with your travel expert. Ask frequent questions in order to get the very best in line with your interest. If you budget is broad go in for the best luxury lodges & resorts available on your chosen honeymoon destination but if its medium you can go in for deluxe accommodations or chose to spend some nights in budget camps and other in deluxe hotels/resorts. Mixing two different accommodation types of different standards makes your holiday the very best but you need to notify the other part so that it doesn’t appear as a shock. However you need to book lodges and accommodations which are quiet and with a nice view since most couples as a must have to chill outside their rooms while on a trip.

Gifts and surprise Moments

In most cases it’s the men who make honeymoon arrangements but its always very good to book a honeymoon safari with a few surprises and gifts for example the lodges offers you special drinks as a couple in form of Gifts, your rooms and bathrooms are coloured with flower petals though you can also think of a best way to surprise your partner. This is normally done at the time of booking so talk to your tour expert to ensure that you treated in a very special way during your stay making your holiday get meaningful life time memories. I believe who ever plans a honey moon safari to Africa will never regret so just Plan your wedding and leave the honeymoon in Africa for your travel expert.


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