Even the most regular cruiser, is often shocked by what you can find onboard cruise ships. From Skydiving to Storm Troopers, the list is endless

7.A Gangplank

Reflecting on my time onboard the Norwegian Escape,  the most Adrenalin-pumping heart-throbbing moment was tiptoeing along the Gangplank. Peering overboard sent shivers down my spine. When I say Gangplank, I’m not exaggerating! On the top deck of the Norwegian Escape, features a full-size high ropes course. This incorporates a full-size Gangplank. In fact, passengers can get their photo taken braving the height.

6.Dodgem Cars

Spending 24 hours a day with your family and confined in a cabin at night, can make travels tense. The elongation of time you spend together can enhance individual qualities in everyone. Some of which you might find VERY annoying. Thus, what better way to relieve this tension than to crash into each other at the dodgems? Onboard some of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships, the SeaPlex houses its very own bumper car dodgems

5.Virtual Balconies

Waking up in darkness and not knowing whether it is early morning or late afternoon can be the spoiler on cruise ships. This experience can be gleaned by staying in an inside cabin. Which I now avoid at all costs. Originally created by Disney Cruises, the idea of a “Virtual Balcony” was formed. This was in order to offer inside cabin guests a similar experience to those staying in a balcony cabin. This concept is created by broadcasting live images onto the wall straight from outside of the ship. In recent years, Royal Caribbean has also adopted this facility to offer guests a unique experience


Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class cruise ships may possibly be most famous for the RipCord experience. Who would ever think you could go skydiving onboard cruise ships? However, before you’re heart begins to have palpitations; you’re not really falling a great distance. That’s because this is, in fact, a skydiving simulator. Passengers are held inside a 23-foot high wind tunnel. With multiple extreme-power fans below you. Thus, allowing you to hover in the air. Billed as the facility where you can, “enjoy the sheer thrill and exhilaration of skydiving in a safe, controlled and simulated environment.”


In the 1960’s, many begin to predict the next decades, flying cars, robots etc. But who would have thought that nowadays it’s starting to become true? Onboard Royal Caribbean Quantum Class cruise ships, a brand new feature to the fleet has been added. A true one of its kind. The Bionic Bar. But this is no ordinary cocktail bar! In fact, at this bar cocktails are served by mechanical barmen. You’re correct in thinking by that I mean robots! Although you won’t get a smiley service (yet), it does guarantee speed.


Royal Caribbean appears to have a bear thing happening on their cruise ships. Initially, it was the giant pink polar bear “Felicia” on Quantum of the Seas. However, now, a mother and cub pandas sit on the side of the Ovation of the Seas. You may be wondering why Royal Caribbean have a random obsession with bears? Yet, there is meaning behind it. Panda bears have been increasingly used as an emblem of China. This is due to the fact it’s the only country where giant Pandas live outside of captivity. With Quantum of the Seas being aimed at the Chinese market, it thus made sense to use Pandas as an emblem for the ship.

1.Storm Troopers

An original concept for Disney Cruise Line, Caribbean “Star Wars” themed-cruises have been created. This is featured onboard the Disney Fantasy. So what exactly does this include? During the voyage, the entire series shall be screened under the stars. Thus, providing an exciting and realistic atmosphere for the films. Additionally, many characters will be onboard. This includes members such as Darth Vadar, Chewbacca and the Storm Troopers. For those wanting to fully immerse into the star wars experience, passengers can attend the Jedi Training Academy. Here, they learn how to operate a Light Saber. However, if you’d rather relax, you can just soak in the sun and enjoy one of the famous Star Wars cocktails. Feel the force…at sea!


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