East Africa is a great destination in Africa that one need not want to miss on visiting while on an African safari. It has both unique flora and fauna, sightseeing areas, cultures, amazing scenarios like the annual wildebeest migration that crosses from Serengeti National Park of Tanzania to Masai Mara national reserve of Kenya.

East African safaris take place in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Tanzania has the islands of Zanzibar. The Zanzibar offers a rewarding adventure of beach activities, spice tour, stone town tour, visiting Jozani forest national park, Forodhani garden Market visit among others. Let’s break down the top east African destinations as below.


There is a lot to discover in the pearl of Africa and this will be within the different 10 national parks, 12 game reserves, over 5 forest reserves, more than 50 cultures among others. Uganda offers the best of gorilla safari expeditions. You can venture onto gorilla trekking and habituation experiences with over 20 habituated gorilla families that are open to tourists. There is a second deepest lake in Africa and this is Lake Bunyonyi which offers the best scenery with 29 dotted islands.

There is the source of the Nile in Jinja where the longest river begins its long joinery to the Mediterranean Sea. This offers a great experience of the boat cruise and there is the world’s largest mountain caldera in Mount Elgon. There is a lot to do while you visit Uganda and these are the game drives in the savannah areas, boat cruises on the water bodies, hiking, cultural encounters for Batwa, Baganda, Batooro among others, primate trekking like chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey trekking among others. On top of that, Uganda has over 1000 bird species and these can be spotted on a Uganda birding safari.


This is also best known for Gorillas which are located in the Volcanoes national park. This country has one culture the Rwandese who are offered a great cultural experience. There are four national parks in Rwanda and these are Nyungwe, Akagera, Gishwati-Mukura national park plus the home of the gorillas-Volcanoes national park. They have diverse wildlife including birds, wild animals, and flora species among others.

Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills and this is because of the different hills surrounding the country. There are other attractions outside the park such as Lake Kivu, Kigali city, Rwanda genocide memorial grounds, the former presidential Palace museum among others.


An amazing adventure in Africa starts in Kenya as you explore the 24 national parks, beaches at the coast, the cultures like the Masai, Kikuyu, Turkana, and Kamba among others. The beautiful site and nature of the above destinations such as the Masai Mara national reserve Tsavo east and Tsavo west national parks, Aberdare national park among others. This country offers the best of the big five safari, game drives among others.


Tanzania is the biggest country in Africa but also famous for its great East African safari. The country has 22 national parks and the northern circuit offers the best of wildlife exploration through game drives in different national parks. On top of wildlife, Tanzania offers the best beaches in Zanzibar. There is more to explore while in this country and these are the big five animals, annual wildebeest migrations in Serengeti National Park, hiking the tallest mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro, discovering the Olduvai gorge where the human skull was discovered.

While on the east African safari, always add on city tours since they are a lot you can take or visit and these visiting the local markets, museums, religious sites like the churches and mosques, art galleries, craft centers among others.

There is a lot to discover in east Africa more than what is listed above, all you need to do is to take a great safari and discover the hidden treasures of East Africa as a tourist destination.


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