Dubai Scuba Diving

Dubai Scuba Diving

Dubai is located next to the vast Arabian Sea which is the reason that marine sports take a strategic place here in Dubai. Scuba Diving is a favorite sport and many people, both locals and visitors indulge in the sport. You should explore the mystifying world of the sea near Dubai – the Arabian Sea is truly mysterious. Try scuba diving which is an adventurous sport which most of the tourists opt for. Diving and deep sea fishing in Dubai are exciting adventures that tourists cannot afford to miss.

If you are a deep-sea diving fan, then you will just love Dubai. You can expect to see a whole range of marine life in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea when you go out on deep sea expeditions. You can see eels, batfishes, snappers, turtles, reef sharks, and also hammerheads. When you go out on a scuba diving expedition, you can see whales, tuna, barracudas, squids, lionfish and seahorses.

But first, you should know about your diving gear. You should wear a swimsuit if you are doing scuba diving, and there are a number of places who outfit you. They provide you with the swimsuits, fins, snorkels, and masks. There are a number of diving schools and private operators in Dubai. They impart the necessary training and also provide you with the required gear. But remember to dive only with those centers which are accredited by a recognized diving association. Most of the shops which sell diving gear are found along the Eastern coast of Dubai. Should you find these shops to be on the higher side, try buying the equipment from the shops near the beach hotels in Dubai. But, exercise necessary precautions and make sure that the equipment is safe and in absolute working condition. You cannot afford to take a risk here.

You need not be much concerned if you are not experienced in diving. There are a number of diving shops who can assist you. If you do not have the experience of deep sea diving, you can always do a trial swim under the supervision of experienced trainers. If you are a seasoned scuba diver, then you could go farther out and try out a more difficult terrain. Most of the expert divers can guide you through customized diving trips.

If you are not into scuba or deep-sea diving, you can take this opportunity to learn diving. In Dubai, the depth of the water near the coast is about 3 meters. The seabed in the Gulf consists of sand, and therefore diving here is focused on a few artificial reefs and a number of shipwrecks in the area. These wrecks would be found at a depth of 10 meters, but the bigger wrecks are found at a depth of 20 meters or more which is done by the more experienced divers.

Tourists who are really interested in scuba diving should opt for the winter months, which is the ideal time. They can also do scuba diving in other months also, barring the months of July and August when the temperature of the water is extremely high.

Have you done scuba diving before? If not, you could try it. We assure you that you will love every minute of it.


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