7 Myths People Actually Believe About Cruise Holidays

1. Cruise Holidays Are Expensive

It’s certainly true:

There was a time when cruising was mega-expensive, a travel choice just for the super-rich. But it’s safe to say times have changed!

With the number of cruise lines ever growing, it also means a growth in competition. This forces cruise lines to drive their prices down, making cruising more affordable than ever!

But that’s not just it,

A new era of cruising is on the horizon. Freestyle cruising is rapidly expanding, offering passengers a casual alternative to formal cruising. With no set dining times and no dress codes. And so, cruise companies are lowering their prices to appeal to a new type of cruiser.

However, whether freestyle cruising or formal cruising, the value for money is extraordinary. Just think about what’s included:

  • Daily travel (without you even realizing)
  • Gourmet dining
  • Luxury accommodation
  • World-class shows and entertainment
  • 5* Facilities (Skydiving Simulators, Surfing Simulators, Robot Cocktail Bar, Spa’s…)

In fact, just last week I saw a seven-night cruise with MSC Cruises advertised for just $250.

Top Tip: One way to get particularly good cruise deals are to use comparison checkers like this (see below). They will find the cheapest cruise deal for you on any cruise line across the internet!

2. Cruise Ships Are Boring

I have to admit:

I believed this before taking my first cruise.

On the majority of cruises, you will stop at a port every two days (if not daily). So the majority of your days will be filled exploring the attractions and culture of the local destination you’re visiting.

However, for those days when you’re not in port, there are masses to do onboard. Bigger cruise ships are widely known for onboard innovation, with many facilities such as:

  • Skydiving simulators
  • Surfing Simulators
  • 10-story waterslides
  • Ice-skating rinks
  • Basketball courts
  • Bumper cars

Although you won’t find those facilities on every cruise ship, even the smaller more intimate cruise ships are packed with facilities and entertainment. With standard facilities such as:

  • Fitness and spa facilities
  • Broadway-style shows
  • Casinos
  • Live music bars (such as jazz bars)
  • Cookery classes

3. Cruising Isn’t For Kids

This next item shouldn’t even pop up.

Nonetheless, in case you’re wondering about it:

I began cruising when I was just thirteen years old.

And I can safely say, sailing onboard the MSC Splendida was one of the best experiences of my life. The ship was packed with facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, arcades, a 4d cinema and even an F1 racing simulator.

However, due to the type of child I was, I was quite happy with a mocktail in one hand and book in the other…I wasn’t really a normal child was I?

Additionally, there is now a cruise ship to suit every age category, from the young to the young at heart. Especially with the rise of multi-generational cruising. Family-friendly cruise lines such as Royal Carribean can provide a cruise holiday that can be enjoyed by the kids, mum, dad, and even grandma and grandad.

The reason they’re able to do this is due to the range of facilities onboard. For example, on some Royal Caribbean ships, you may have bumper cars on one floor, and robot-operated cocktail bars just on the next!

4. You Need To Pack Formal Wear

I will start this by saying:

I love dressing up on cruise holidays.

There’s something about the Hollywood glamour of getting dressed up in your finest, maybe it’s the luxury guru inside of me?

However, it’s not for everyone.

If dressing up it’s for you, there is an alternative. I spoke a bit earlier about the idea of freestyle cruising (quickly growing in popularity). Norwegian Cruise Line has been most well known in adopting this, offering a casual alternative to formal cruising. As part of this, there are no formal nights and no strict dress codes.

Yet, even more traditional cruise lines such as Cunard have slightly adapted the strictness of their dress code; meaning a casual suit or cocktail dress will be absolutely fine for formal dinners.

5. You’ll get seasick on a cruise holiday

I am the absolute worst when it comes to travel sickness, which is quite funny considering I’m a travel blogger! And yet, in all my years of cruising, I have never once experienced seasickness.


All modern day cruise ships are built with enormous stabilizers, completely minimizing all rocking motions. On my first cruise, I remember myself often forgetting we were even sailing. In fact, unless I was on the top deck or sitting by a window, I would never be able to tell when we left port.

As the general rule goes, the bigger the ship, the less likely you are to get seasickness. So if you’re traveling on a more intimate old cruise ship, it may be worth taking precautions.

If you’ve read my article on Seven Secret Apps For Your Cruise you’ll know I mention about an app called Seasickness. In case you haven’t read the piece, Seasickness assists you by making you focus on a sunset. And so, improving your balance.

Top Tip: When picking your cabin, to avoid seasickness I would always recommend staying in a balcony cabin. Also, make sure you choose a cabin that is positioned at the ships balancing point. 

If under the rare circumstance you are feeling unwell, there is always an onboard hospital to assist with medical problems.

6. You’ll get fat on a cruise ship

With a 24-hour buffet available on most cruise ships, it’s no surprise that you may be concerned about gaining weight.

After all, with 6-course breakfasts, lunches and dinners, your normal diet may not be sustained. However, there are plenty of ways to keep fit and active onboard a cruise ship.

Modern cruise ships are packed with numerous sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, rock-climbing walls, surfing simulators and even running tracks. Making it much easier to keep active and sustain your weight, whilst enjoying the perks of gourmet dining.

A few years back, a friend of mine who is a cruise journalist wrote a piece on the possibility of losing weight onboard a cruise ship.  Throughout the week, she ate as she normally would on a cruise, but did a lot of exercise by using the onboard sports facilities.

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to lose any weight, but was able to sustain her exact weight before and after the cruise.

7. You’ll feel trapped

Do you get claustrophobic?

The idea of being surrounded by thousands of passengers onboard a cruise ship can put many people off the idea of taking a cruise holiday. But what people tend to forget time and time again is just how big cruise ships actually are.

Although there are some cruise ships that cater for over 6,000 passengers, they also have over 20 decks. So with a vast amount of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, water parks, sports facilities and entertainment facilities, you will be blinded to the number of onboard passengers.

And if you’re ever needing a bit of time to yourself, you can of course head back to your balcony cabin (if you choose to stay in one) and relax. So grab a cocktail from the bar, reside back to your cabin, and enjoy the sea air as you relax on your spacious balcony.

True relaxation.

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