The Welsh countryside is alive with numerous possibilities for relaxing, family orientated holidays, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors, than in your own holiday lodge. A wonderful concept for those who enjoy regular holidays in Wales, buying a stylish holiday lodge gives you the opportunity to create memorable trips with your loved ones without the hassle and stress of finding and securing accommodation.

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Why Buy a Holiday Lodge?

There are many holiday lodges and cabins available for purchase including, Barmouth Bay Holiday Park, Trawsfynydd Holiday Village, Woodlands Holiday Lodge Park and more. These range from the simple, rustic cabins to the 5 star luxury style accommodation with flat screen TV’s and Jacuzzis. The attraction to buying a luxurious holiday lodge as opposed to renting, is that you have an exclusive home away from home that you can use whenever you like, and you don’t have to worry about it being booked out.

Another advantage is that holiday lodges are generally more affordable than regular holiday cottages where the prices tend to be too inflated for the local market. It is a great option to get into the property market and gives you a source of secondary income if you choose to rent it out for certain periods when you do not plan on using the lodge yourself.

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What Holiday Lodges Offer

Most of the lodges are pet friendly and are situated in well-maintained parks, offering quiet surroundings and large plots, some with access to beaches and rivers or streams, as well as mountains and National Parks. They are generally all equipped with electrical central heating and some offer free WiFi. There are freehold homes and some are leasehold, so you would need to make sure you find out before you make your purchase. These lodges come fully furnished and equipped so all you have to do is arrive for your holiday. They are completely secure and give you the ability to plan last minute trips and weekend getaways.

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What To Do in Wales

Wales offers plenty of exciting activities for the entire family from outings to the local castles and museums, to hiking, tree top climbing and boating adventures. The natural woodlands areas offer pretty trails for walking and hiking where you can view waterfalls and a plethora of birdlife. There are also many mountainous paths for mountain biking and cycling. Aside from these activities, fun-filled days can be spent paintballing, kayaking, quad biking, karting and pony trekking. Of course, you can always visit the local markets and get a taste of the culture and atmosphere of the nearby villages.

Owning your own holiday lodge in a holiday park is truly a magnificent option when it comes to a second property. Aside from the income producing potential, it offers a simple and effective solution to ensuring a stress-free family holiday.


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