Picture the scene, you are riding over vast expanses of sand with the breeze in your hair. Before you are huge and swooping dunes of sand and you feel like the only one to have ever explored this amazing new world. This is how you will feel when you go on an Arabian jeep safari adventure.

Perhaps one of the most popular locations for a tourist to embark on a jeep safari is in the Arabian Desert at Dubai. Many travellers flock to Dubai for its amazing hotels and air of luxury and opulence. However all that lazing about drinking cocktails and incessant shopping can really get to you. Seriously! You just need to relax, have fun and unwind once in a while so kick off those designer shoes, get appropriately kitted out for a day in the desert and enjoy!

Generally on most of these excursions you can arrange a hotel pick up or at least a pick up from somewhere close by. This will usually be included within the whole price of your excursion. When you get to the starting point of your jeep safari you will feel a scintillating rush of adrenaline as you get into the jeep and get going into the desert!

There are many of these tours which involve a stop off at a local Bedouin village where you can experience a taste of local life and culture. You will get to see camels close up too and usually there is food and light refreshments included in the package although this will differ from company to company. This is something worth asking about before booking the trip. Also your hotel may offer a packed lunch for you to take on your tour. Also an important point to note is that if you are spending any time in the desert after dark then it important that you bring a jacket with you. Many people do not realise that the desert is often very cold at night.

This is a once in a lifetime experience which must be tried when you are in the area. You will find that you get a real adrenaline rush when you are in a jeep which is tackling and negotiating the Arabian sand dunes. You will have the services of an expert guide on hand and they will usually regale you with many tales of the area. Often telling some amazing local stories about the folklore and history too. A jeep safari is fun for all the family and on some of the tours you may even get a chance to go quad biking! If you have been thinking about doing something adventurous and a little different on your holiday, try a jeep safari!


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