t is that time when you feel exhausted and need that break. The challenge though is that you do not have enough cash or time to spare. This is the time when that weekend escapade would really do. There are just so many activities that one can engage in during the weekend. The weekend escapades are a great way to relax and focus for the challenges of the coming week.

One major advantage of the weekend escapades is the fact that you can have fun and not miss out on work or any of the children’s activities. For those who do not have enough funds to have that holiday a great weekend escapade would do. It is worth taking a few weekend escapades consistently through out the year.

There are numerous activities that one can engage in to make that weekend perfect.  Some of these activities are common worldwide. There are some destinations that will be the main focus of this article. One should use their creativity to come up with locations that are in the vicinity and are affordable.

Romantic Spots

There are the most popular destinations and have been used tome and again for people celebrating certain mile stones in their lives that include; holidays, anniversaries and even romantic events. These places are just in the neighborhood and will guarantee that perfect getaway to get ones love life on track. It is advisable that one should book a motel in a quite town that is away from the hassle and Basle of the city. Romantic venues are as many as one can even imagine and create.


There are various sporting activities that can provide the much needed entertainment for one after a hectic and stressful period. For instance, it can be quite romantic to attend a sporting event like the world cup finals as the thrill and spill of sport will get the couple very excited. There are many sporting activities that one can choose to attend depending on their fancy for the divergent sport. These events include football, baseball, basketball, horseracing among many others.

Going out on a camp

This activity is multifaceted in the sense that it is romantic, fun, adventurous and even very cheap. An integration of camping with white water canoeing or even strolling would provide the ideal activities that will keep the couple entertained all the way. It is advisable that one should hire out a cabin that is located in the middle of the forest and this will provide the much needed seclusion.

Concept Parks

The concept parks are the perfect getaway that fulfills all expectations that one may have. One can visit the Cedar point in Sandusky, Ohio, USA and sample the wonderful aura and fauna that the place has to offer. Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio also ranks highly and is greatly appreciated as a wonderful theme park. However, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous theme parks that are located all over the USA and one should not stick to the above two.

Renown vacation areas

There are many holiday destinations but when it comes to the very best and the most appreciated then Las Vegas ranks highly. This vacation destination is packed with a cabin, shopping area, food joints that will ensure that one is comfortable. Another known holiday spot is New York San Diego. However, one should not limit his or her travel to only these two areas as he or she may be surprised to discover that they could be a wonderful vacation area in the radius of six kilometers from their home.  It is important for one to select one area in the neighborhood and try it out.


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