Spring time in the metropolis of Vancouver implies that there is newness after winter. The temperatures are mild and are a welcome change from the snow and ice experienced during the winter season. It is normal for people to wait eagerly for the first signs of spring as they are usually fed up of the extreme conditions that are presented during winter.

Once the initial signs of spring starts becoming eminent then they are numerous activities that one can engage in as they enjoy there stay is Vancouver.

1.The VanDusen Gardens

These gardens are located in the central part of the city. It is a beautiful park and is full of life during spring. There are numerous activities that the whole family can enjoy. They hold a festival which is commonly known as the Cherry Blossom. This park is very popular and highly rated by the residence of Vancouver.

2. The Museum of Anthropology

This museum is situated in the UBC campus and it provides indoor and outdoor exhibitions of art. For the history and art lovers then this museum would be the best place to go. At the museum, there is an outdoor copy cat creation of the Haida village that comes along with the beautiful coastal ambience.

3. The seawall

The seawall is also another ideal destination in Vancouver. It is twenty kilometers long and is simply an amazing place to visit. The seawall commences from the Canada and stretches up to the Coal harbor. There are numerous signs of the spring season that can be spotted in this area.

4. Whytecliff Park

This park is located in West Vancouver. This park has got numerous traffic during the spring season and has got a great view that includes ferries and ships. This park is highly frequented during spring and it takes just a few weeks for the snow to be melted down.  On sight one can enjoy the view of the tiny flowers and bird nests.

5. Lynn Canyon Park

This park is located in the North Vancouver. The melting snow creates waterfalls that are evident along the mountains on the North Shore. This is a beautiful destination with many visitors taking the opportunity to enjoy the perfect spring ambience.

6. Capilano Regional Park

This is yet another park that is located in the North Vancouver area. The park is definitely worth the visit as one is exposed to various activities. Many fishermen are known to visit the park just to get a glimpse of the huge salmon as it jumps the fish ladder or even as it relaxes in the pool.

7. Children’s Farmyard

The kid’s farmyards that are located in Stanley Park are also ideal destinations to go during the spring. There are numerous baby animals of all types and most certainly the children will enjoy getting to know more about the animals.

Vancouver has got much more to offer with other destinations such as the lost lagoon, heronry, and the Ted and Mary Grieg gardens among many others. Spring is a refreshing time to have fun and thus getting the right activities to engage in would be encouraged.


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