One of the most important factors in traveling, especially long-distance, is packing. You can’t take everything with you, so pack lightly; however, do not pack so lightly that you leave out necessities.

Five important things to pack for a long distance trip are narrowed down below:

1. Pack comfortable clothing that is easy to maintain and is suitable for the climate at your destination.

2. An extra pair of comfortable shoes should be packed. Shoes can break or become damaged and it is not always convenient to buy another pair. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking after reaching your destination or when stopping for breaks, it is especially important to bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

3. Bottled water is an essential for long-distance travel and helps avoid dehydration. Sodas and sugary or caffeinated drinks can cause bloating, dehydration, and sleepiness.

4. An emergency medical kit containing items such as cold medication, pain reliever, antiseptic cream, motion sickness medication, etc., should be packed. It is very important to bring any any all prescription medication.

5. A personal hygiene kit that consists of items such as toothpaste, shampoo, soap, razor, deodorant, etc., is important to take when traveling long-distance.


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