Relax at Lanai

The romantic and tranquil island of Lanai is a romantic paradise. Here you can find the utmost in luxury and opulent hotels such as the Four Seasons. The island is known as the ‘enticing island’ and many travellers come here to relax and unwind in a true oasis untouched by too much development and stress.

Where to Go and What to Do

The island is so beautiful and tranquil that there is always a little cove or tree to relax under away from the crowds. This is why it is a perfect destination for honeymooning couples from all over the world.

As well as relaxing in the many beautiful hotels and eating at the best restaurants, Lanai City is well worth a visit and has lots of lovely little shops and eateries to choose from. Go for a leisurely stroll through Dole Park and observe local life. The shady pine trees here will offer a welcome break away from the searing sun in the height of the summer. How about visiting the many jewellery shops such as Dis n Dat to find some traditional beautiful Hawaiian jewellery? It’s great to go to this city without any real plan at all as there will always be something for you to see or do when you get there!

The island is home to many golf courses and of course the water sports and swimming are excellent too. For outdoor enthusiasts why not go to Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods) which is around a 45 minute journey from the city. Here you will find a strange, lunaresque landscape which looks more like something out of Star Wars rather than what you would expect from Hawaii. This lunar type landscape is truly breathtaking and is a once in a lifetime experience.

How to Get There

The plane fare from London to the Hawaiian Islands is somewhere in the region of £700. Flights are regular and when booked as part of a package you can make significant savings.

To get to the island you must first fly to Honolulu or Maui and then go on to Lanai. There is also a ferry to Lanai which runs five times a day and can be caught from the Lahaina Harbour in Maui. This trip takes on average one hour in total each way.

Each island in this group is individual and has its own personality. Why not visit each one and see what you have been missing?


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