Catch a Variety at Key West Fishing

Is your idea of recreational fishing one where you go on a large boat, exploring deep seas and catching some really big fish to make amazing cover photos? Then, we are the perfect companions for you. FKF Charters has some of the best fishing charters that are sure to grant you a memorable holiday catching fish of different types. Let us now look at some of the charters that you can enjoy with Key West fishing:

Backcountry Fishing Charter

This is the Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by shallow waters, this place gives you a variety of fish like mangrove snappers, jewfish and sharks. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the mangrove islands and deserted beaches. This can be a good choice if you like to fish in freshwater lakes or rivers.

Shark Fishing Charters

On the other hand, if you like challenges, shark fishing charters are more likely to be a good option for you. You can find sharks on the reef, the wrecks, the harbour and the flats. You’ll find lemon sharks, bull sharks and various other types that you can learn about.

Tarpon Fishing Charters

If you are into game fishing, you just can’t not love tarpons. A must catch fish, tarpons are huge and usually found in water that is knee to waist deep. They are also easy to catch, even in low lighting conditions, which makes them a good choice for night fishing. They are best to fish for in spring and early summer.

Reef Fishing Charters

If you like fast and furious, this is the kind of fishing for you. With dozens of small fish, this can be fun. The different sizes and types of fish here make it a good choice if you want variety. This is a kind of fishing that is usually done on an anchored boat.

Wreck Fishing Charter

Again, if you like variety, wreck fishing is an option for you. Wrecks are found in different depths and areas. The kind of fish that you get depends on where and when you fish here. Here, your gear too depends on where you fish.

Offshore Fishing Charter

If you like fishing in the blue waters, this is the best for you. Here you will find green-blue fish that are very large. Apart from this, you’ll also find vahoo, black fin tuna and triple tail to name a few.

And it’s not just this. At the Key West, you can also enjoy a range of other activities depending on where you would like to fish. And not to forget, we have one of the best fishing fleets that makes fishing exciting and luxurious too. So, join us for one of the best fishing experiences of your life on some of the cleanest and most attractive charter boats and you are sure to return for another experience in the next holiday season.


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