Cruise Apps From Shipmate to seasickness:

Every year, thousands of new cruise apps are created and sold on the app store, to assist with every day cruising life.

But how do you separate the good from the bad?


Over my many years of cruising, I’ve collected a list of my favorite cruise apps that I couldn’t live (or cruise) without.

From packing apps, to apps for seasickness and even cruise money management apps!

Without further ado,

Here are my top 7 cruise apps:

7. Cruise Card Control

Let me start by saying:

I always recommend purchasing a drinks package when taking a cruise holiday.

Not only does it get rid of the stress of counting change, but you won’t worry about rocking up a nasty bill at the end of your cruise either.


If you choose not to, Cruise Card Control may be an ideal solution.

This Cruise App allows you to manage your finances, making sure you don’t overspend on your bank allowance. Cruise Card Control also allows you to keep track of both onboard and offshore spending, in case you take any million dollar excursions!

When you’re on a cruise holiday, spending can vary ginormously from a packet of mints to a diamond necklace. So some form of money management really is essential.

6. Seasickness

Seasickness is the silent killer on a cruise holiday, turning a relaxing detox into a nightmare!


In my own experience, seasickness has never been a problem.


All modern day cruise ships are fitted with enormous stabilizers, to make sure the cruise ship is constantly steady.


If you find on the rare occasion you do feel a bit nauseous, it may be worth downloading Seasickness, just as a precaution.

Seasickness is currently the best cruise app on the market for controlling steadiness. This is done by focussing on a stunning horizon displayed on your phone, making you control your steadiness without evening realizing.

5. Pack The Bag

Despite how advanced you may be as a packer:

Packing for a cruise holiday can be a very stressful time for all those involved.

That last minute scramble to find your sun cream or that spare pair of socks; and strangely you tend to have lost everything you actually need.

With Pack The Back you can organize your packing across 26 categories, and can even set personal reminders such as finding someone to feed the cats!

4. XE Currency App

Thinking back to the very first cruise I took,

The one thing I couldn’t get my head around was the different currencies.

However, to be fair to me:

You do have to remember you’re waking up in a different country every day.

This app allows you to convert between multiple currencies, and even works offline. Also meaning you don’t have to worry about paying for WiFi or growing a data bill in order to use it.

3. White Noise Lite

One problem I’ve always suffered with is that I don’t easily get to sleep.

And so,  I tend to use this app both at home and at sea.

Featuring over nine different background sounds, White Noise Lite relaxes you to sleep. Drifting you off into slumber to the sound of waves.

Although of course:

If you’re residing in a balcony cabin, you’ll get this experience naturally!

2. Shipmate

This next app is may possibly be the most popular, and most well-known cruise app currently available. With its statistics certainly proving this.

In fact:

Shipmate is used by over 1,000,000 cruisers!

Shipmate allows you to do multiple operations such as finding the location of your ship, and even finds information on shopping and local excursions available.

In some ways, it’s also a cruise version of Instagram. With many users posting pictures on Shipmate onboard their cruise ship on a daily basis. You can even chat with other cruisers, maybe even find love…

1. Cruise Lingo

Whether you’re new to cruising or a regular cruiser:

You must always be up to date with the lingo.

Cruise Lingo works in a similar way to Google translate, providing all the phrases you may possibly need. It will also help you with the pronunciations.

From personal experience, there is nothing worse than struggling to communicate with cruise staff due to a short knowledge of cruise lingo.

And of course:

You’ll be a hit with all the seasoned cruisers!

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