Rwanda is a food, culture and adventure seekers dream destination in Africa stocked with talented guides, beautiful mountains, lovely hills and views, islands, lakes wildlife and primates. The country’s impressive beauty make her one of the most desired holiday spots every year for all adventure seekers and tourists to Africa.

Being a home of only classic favorite hotels, Rwanda tour operators design ultimate luxury tours with a stay in the most finest lodges and hotels of the country. Do you feel like taking on a luxury safari in Africa full of leisurely movements and exploration? Rwanda has it all in Africa. Famously known as “the land of thousand of   hills” Rwanda is a perfect place to experience luxury stays in East Africa come and meet friendly locals, track mountain Gorillas & Chimpanzee, hike the volcanoes and also catch up the lake side views at Kivu beach. The best Rwanda luxury tour brings you in close contact with all the charming country attractions both natural and historical as well as the most standard hotel services.

A smile and warm welcome from a travel planner representative upon arrival at Kigali international airport make you feel safe and just in right hands of the right people on the first day in the country. The trip briefing before heading out to Kigali open your mind to be set to taken in new things and if your flight is early enough use the time to browse through Kigali craft markets and admire the country’s pottery, carving, batik, weaving, musical instruments on offer though purchases are always on you and end the day by retiring at your finest lodge in Kigali.

As per the saying the good beginning makes a good ending, sleeping in a lodge of historical value, Hotel des Mille Collines famous for Move “ Hotel Rwanda “ worldwide while in Kigali give Travellers a historical touch of Rwanda an experience which influences the future generation to visit the Country. Still opportunities don’t seem to end as travellers get a chance of standing on the blessed birders paradise-Akagera National park staying at the lavish bush luxury tented camp Rusizi. A boat safari at Iheme Rivers is rewarding experience to all guest around the park, game drives can do as well with a scenic drive back to Kigali stopping at Nyamata Genocide memorial found in Bugesera district South of Kigali.

Normally most Rwanda tours can’t end without a visit to one of the largest forest in East and Central Africa –Nyungwe known worldwide as the only place with a good number of primate species. However, Nyungwe forest lodge is the most excellent luxury lodge with an exclusive touch a place to be for all guests to the primate heaven.

With the many tourist attractions in Rwanda has for its guests, the attractive   relaxing views, islands, boat cruise, sunbathing, fishing, playing with sand and exploring different islands is the most luxury tour spot which cools off every traveller opening more doors and windows for natural beauty and fun at Rwanda outstanding lake. Lake Kivu Serena hotels makes the beach guests more comfortable by giving them the right luxurious luxury services just in line with their interest.

Coming last means best as many luxury travels in Rwanda end with amazing leisure adventures at Volcanoes National park. The lavish discoveries start with a scenic drive from Lake Kivu to the park passing through meandering roads, beautiful views of hills giving guests hours to meditate how Unique and beautiful the world can mean to be. As a rule every guest here goes on a gorilla safari to tracks the endangered mountain gorillas as one of the must do tourism activities in Rwanda   and travelers are allowed to track one habituated Gorilla family per day who can tolerant the presence of humans.

Most Luxury travelers track gorillas more than once checking out different Gorilla families as they gather memories of a life time. The faithful park has a wide range of affordable luxury lodges including Mountain Gorilla view lodge the most desired for luxury visitors. However you can choose to upgrade to a high end luxury lodge – Virunga lodge the most beautiful and overlooking the Twin lakes and Volcanoes National park. Spend 3 or more nights exploring the park with treatment at the most exceptional services.


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