Taking a grandiose vacation can be more pleasurable if you spend it in one of the most expensive hotel suits in the world. These lavish suites boast accommodations that are suited for a royalty with all the amenities and services a king deserves. With nightly rates that are just too hefty, these suits truly offer the best accommodation that you could have for a lifetime. Take a tour at the top five expensive hotel suites in various parts of the world.

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

If you are overly concerned over your security, there is no better place to book an accommodation, but in the Royal Penthouse Suite that is situated at the President Wilson Hotel. This luxurious hotel suite offers the panoramic views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva.

All the doors and windows in the hotel are bullet proof making it a safe abode for visiting state leaders and famous celebrities who are concerned with their privacy and security as well. The suite consists of a private elevator whisk customers to a 12 room apartment with a billiard room, Steinway piano, private gym and a library.

How much do you have to spend to book this hotel suite for a night? Well, if you have $65,000 to spare, this grand accommodation is yours to enjoy. Does this sound like something you would go for? Book your stay at the President Wilson Hotel right now!

The Presidential Suite, The Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

If you are taking a tour in India and you wish to experience all the exquisiteness and lavishness the country has to offer, it will be totally worth it to spend $45,000 a night in this extravagant abode. This palatial hotel suite was the residence of the former Maharaja. It has a total land area of 1500 square meters making it one of the largest hotel suites in the entire Asia.

It is composed of four floor rooms that are extravagantly decorated in ivory, gold leaves, mirrors and stucco. It also has a private terrace on its roof, swimming pool that offers panoramic views of the lovely city of Jaipur. Plus, it also has its private museum leaving you with no reason to resist the very tempting offer.

Tempted to visit the luxurious India in style? Book your suite in one of the most extravagant hotels of the world and enjoy your stay!

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Do you want to have a fabulous time in New York? Well, if you have a grand $41, 836 to spend in a hotel suite, you can soak yourself in this hotel suite’s immense tub and relax in its private ZEN garden. It has a total land area of 400 square meters which is a penthouse style above the top floor of this marvellous hotel. What you would get is a 360 degree view of the entire Manhattan skyline.

This 9 – room suite is the works of the acclaimed designer named Peter Marino and established architect ImPei. Do you wonder who the hotel’s owner is? It is Ty Warner as the name of the landmark suggests – a multi billionaire who is also the developer of Beanie Babies.

The 3rd most expensive hotel suite in the world also features gold and platinum woven sports fabric as well as an outdoor and indoor Zen garden. These features make it more magnificent than the personal butler services and the astonishing chandelier.

So, would you dare to spend your dollars on such a luxury?  Book Ty Warner Suite right now to understand how the richest of the rich live!

Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

Ever thought of going on a luxury vacation in France? Then, maybe you should add to your bucket list the idea of spending $37,500 on a penthouse suite on the 4th most expensive hotel suite in the world? After all, it’s the film capital of the French Riviera… you want to feel like a star while vacationing here.

Well, the Penthouse Suite at the Hotel Martinez will surely delight you in many ways. The hotel itself is most renowned for its Deco style art. It started its operation in the year 1929 with its founder Emmanuel Michele Martines, a son of a noble Italian family with Spanish roots.

While staying in this very lavish suite, you will experience stylish living, aesthetic overtones as well as cutting edge technology and extreme comfort. The Penthouse Suite at this hotel is not only expensive and luxurious, but has a very unique infrastructure.

By choosing to stay in the Penthouse, you will surely appreciate its deco style plus, you will have your own dining and sitting rooms, two bedrooms, spacious dressing room, two bathrooms where there is a hammam, a lavish spa and a sauna room.  The fabulous bath and shower is really what you need. The money spent on this room will surely be worth it with the hotel’s immense private beach and Michelin restaurant. And who would not want an extravagant room that overlooks the Bay of Cannes?

Wanna experience the French Riviera in style? The Penthouse suite of Hotel Martinez looks like the perfect answer!

Hugh Hefney Sky Villa Palms Resort, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not all about casino hopping, great shows to attend, and terrific nightlife. It is also about style, comfort and luxury living. SinCity is also home to one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world – the Hugh Hefney Sky Villa Palms Resort that is worth $35, 487 a night is totally a blast! It can fulfil any playboy’s fantasy!

This hotel suite is part of the Palms Casino Resort which is a residential tower and casino hotel that is situated close to the Strip in Vegas. It consists of 653 rooms and lavish suites. The most famous spot in the casino hotel is the FantasyTower that houses the Sky Villa, which is among the most expensive part of the hotel.

This expansive Hugh Hefner Villa is most recommended for bachelors who have that Playboy instinct in them as the room is filled with all sorts of Playboy details chosen by Hugh Hefner himself. It features a large rotating bed as well as an indoor pool with a huge Bunny logo underneath which can give anyone a libido raising and titillating bath on top of the Las Vegas Strip.

This hotel suite measures 836 square meter suite consists of two bedrooms along with an orgy bathtub, poker table, indoor waterfalls and a huge bar. Truly, a hotel suite that the Playboy King really deserves!

The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens

Is the city of Athens all about Roman history, sightseeing the Parthenon and the Acropolis? The Greek capital city can be all about luxury as well, and there is no better way of experiencing it than by booking yourself at least a night stay in one of the world’s most expensive hotel suite: the Royal Villa in Grand Resort Lagonissi.

Here you will benefit from a lavishly designed bedroom, a large lounge and a dining room, an indoor pool, a spa and your personal chef. The entire suite spans on 410 m², but luxury does not stop there. You will also be the only user of a 670 m² terrace equipped with a heated private pool. If you go to Athens on business, you will also benefit from all the necessary equipment…

Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy

Located in the scenic Sardinia’s famous Costa Smeralda, this hotel offers much more than jaw-dropping view and Mediterranean surrounding. In high season, you can book a night in the presidential suite for $32,736, and in this price, you will have 3 bedrooms and 3 beautiful bathrooms only for yourself, a private gym, which also has a sauna. The must-have features of any top-of-the-roof hotel suite are also included in the price: your private terrace with magnificent view and your seawater pool to enjoy a swim in the sea without touching the sand.

 Villa La Cupola Suite, Westin Excelsior, Rome

Romanticism and history… this is what Rome is all about. Yes, you can have all that combined with a touch of luxury during your stay at Villa La Cupola – one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world located in Westin Excelsior hotel in Rome. The designers knew how to take advantage of the city’s specificity in order to provide their guests with a one of a kind experience.

The suite owes its name to the living room dome that is decorated in a true Roman style, and the surprises don’t stop here. The jacuzzi features a Pompeii style, while the frescoes and stained glass windows depict the characters of Roman mythology. The total surface exceeds 560 m², plus several balconies and terraces of 168 sqm overlooking the Via Veneto.

Ritz-Carlton Suite, Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

Have you ever thought about the way our world will look like in the future? How will we travel? What will the hotel rooms look like? Visiting the Presidential Suite of Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo is a great way to get a sense of this issue. Spread on over 300 m² and located on the top 53rd floor of a tower, and above it, this hotel suite makes you feel like travelling a few decades onwards to the future. Try to imagine the view you get from the large windows that surround this hanging from the sky room. Compared to its, all the high-tech appliances and the luxurious marbled bathrooms fade…

Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis, Bahamas

The most expensive suite in The Atlantis resort is located, as the name clearly puts it, on the bridge that connects the two buildings. This would be the equivalent of the 23rd floor, from where you get great views over the coast.  The suite, long time known as Michael Jackson Suite because the artist stayed here several times, is considered such an elite and a luxury that the hotel does not even promote, keeping it available for the connoisseurs.


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