How to Have a Luxurious Trip on a Small Budget

Thinking and imagining of traveling this season, most people will have at the mind relaxing or chilling with a cocktail and picture with perfect scenery. Prior to traveling, you need to plan for your journey first whether it will be budget or luxury. When you are planning, you need to remember that you do not need a big budget because a big budget means big spending.

What should I consider when choosing a destination?

Before you select which type of trip to undertake, whether luxury, you should have to consider the following

Looking for less expensive destinations to travel to

To many travelers, finding a destination that cannot drain your savings should be made a priority. Before you do anything, look at your savings before to choose the destinations to travel too.

Travel in Groups

For any safari lets say if you are to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda or Congo, it will be more enjoyable and adventurous to trek since you will not get bored when you are with people who speak the same language. Travelling in group will help you save money as you will have to share some of the cost. These include transport fairs, tour guide salary, and at times accommodation if you are to book a twin or double room.

Look for discounted packages

You are advised to   look for packages with lower rates. In particular you should look at accommodation rates, transportation and the activities you will engage in during your travel. Many travel companies do display these discounted rates on their websites therefore, you should always look for discounted packages which may suit your savings.

Bed and Breakfast

When you are planning your safari, you should not opt for very expensive hotel. Today, with the advancement in technology you can stay in a very beautiful and less costly hotels which are locally termed as bed and breakfast.

To Flying or Not To Fly

We have advised many clients that it is not a must that when you are traveling to Uganda you have to get a flight. If you are traveling from the neighboring countries,  you can travel by road  such that you can save money.

The peak season

After saving, many tourists prefer traveling during this period of time.  At this time, almost all hotels are booked up.  Instead of being driven, you can go for a self drive when you are driving a rented car, you will be in position to save money.

Look for travel campaigns

There have   been travel campaigns being initiated online by companies and individuals since 2015. In these campaigns, trips do involve a big group of people to places like national parks for a weekend and most of them sleep in tents. In these campaigns, the accommodation, food, music and drinks are catered for on the money you pay.

Look for budget airlines

An air ticket is one of the major things that make traveling expensive, so be read to search for cheaper air fights. There a number of airline on line which offer cheap flights through the African continent. These can go as low as $200.


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