How Safe is Nepal to travel?

People often ask other travelers how safe Nepal is and there are million different versions to the answer about the safety. Those who choose to travel to Nepal, they keep themselves aware of several things and knowing these things will keep people safe. So, in short, Nepal is safe. There are shopkeepers who may talk to you to sell their scam product, but you should stay on your toes and don’t let them take you off guard. Use your best judgment to find out whether people are actually being nice to you out of kindness from their heart or they want to tip in return. Try negotiating with Taxi drivers before getting in otherwise they will rip your pocket. The travel in Nepal safety can be very detailed and depth of list of everything could help travelers to enjoy exploring one of their favorite countries.

Cater Your Lust for Travel with Predefined Trek Packages

There are several companies in Nepal which offer ultimate packages which are predefined as per the references and help you in exploring some of the most adventurous and Best Treks in Nepal. If you are looking forward to getting enrolled in the adventurous stunt, then Mera Peak can be best for you to climb. You can also explore Island Peak which is very popular amongst trekkers and peak offers adventurous climbing option. You can also explore Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, etc. to gain the experience which is beyond any words.

Exploring Rewarding Trek in Nepal

The Annapurna Thorong la pass Trek also known as Annapurna Circuit Trek is immersed with the captivating beauty of Annapurna massif and every aspect of nature and climate can be a reward for the travelers. The most challenging and highest pass – the Throng La pass can be a trophy for those who would have crossed all the obstacles. From the foothills of Annapurna and all the way to world’s highest pass which is atan elevation of 5,146 meters, you will get an opportunity to explore the diversity in everything starting from vegetation to lifestyle and culture.


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