A Place Where Students Can Fall in Love



Montreal, a slice of Europe, named a UNESCO City of Design, a city where people fall in love due to the richness of its culture, education and numerous festivals. Montreal is the perfect city for students. First of all, it has a number of Canada’s highest-ranking institutions. In addition, it has a large and diverse student population and it is one of the most secure cities in the world.

Starting with one of the main things students usually consider, the Greater Montréal region has the highest number of university students per capita among all metropolitan areas in North America. Furthermore, enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of its education. Offering four of the top universities in Canada, including McGill University, University of Montreal, Laval University, and Sherbrook University it has become the perfect place for students to create their destiny and achieve their dreams.

What’s magical about this city is that you will find people coming from all around the world. The cultural diversity of the city helps people to not only learn about other cultures but discover a whole new world. People coming from South America, Europe, Africa and much more, are all together in one place. Each culture, has its own heritage, this allows students to enjoy a diverse range of activities, products and cuisine, or just please their desire to discover the world by walking around in Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Maghreb and many other ethnic neighbourhoods.

Besides having excellent universities and having a rich cultural diversity, Montreal can be considered the city of festivals. With over 90 festivals lighting up the seasonal calendar, no matter the season, time or weather, there will always be an activity to realize. The city hosts numerous events all year long, from music festivals, to art convention; there is an activity for all tastes. Music lovers can enjoy Osheaga, the Francofolies, or the International Jazz Fest. Fans of the theatre will enjoy the Festival TransAmériques. Comedy passionate can check out Just For Laughs; and film fanatics, there’s Cinémania, the International Festival of Films on Art, and the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. These are some examples just toname but a few.These festivals reflect, as mention before, the impressive degree of diversity and multiculturalism. They’re an important part of the city’s cultural identity.

What is very important to mention, is that Montréal is a safe place where students can go and study with peace of mind; contrary to many other cities in the world. Public areas and downtown Montréal are lively both day and night, and are very safe to visit. Students also can find excellent places to live. For instance, condos in Montreal continue to be built throughout the city. Also, the crime rate is considered to be very low for a major city like Montréal. In addition, people are very friendly, always smiling and willing to help in any occasion.

What else can a student ask for? Montreal has not only one of the best education, but also a great cultural diversity. Getting bored in Montreal is very hard due to all the activities happening all year round, and what’s more, students can feel safe all the time while falling in love with this city


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