India is one of the few countries that probably offer so many choices to travelers and vacationers in a budget. If you are looking for a vacation that doesn’t cost a bomb and offers you a good blend of nature, culture and more, this is where you should be heading. However, a first-time traveler may have a few concerns with regards to traveling in India, because let’s face it- every country is somehow much unknown in real and needs to be explored rightly. For those on a shoestring budget, these are some great ways to save on their maiden India plans.


Plan fairly in advance

There are some amazing advantages of booking early for your vacation, no matter what the place may be. Keep in mind that there are endless new offers on flights, hotels, flats and more, and the earlier you book, the better are the choices. Make sure that you check with flight comparing websites and find the lowest fares. Similarly, you can expect to get a big discount on hotels when you book early. Also, train traveling in India can be a hassle because tickets are always short, so advance booking is more or less necessary if you want to avail the largest transport service of the country.

Do you need a hotel?

Leaving discounts aside, hotels are actually expensive, especially when you are backpacker and want to be here for the longest time. The best idea is to have your own apartment or flat in the cities you stay, or you can choose to get a flat in one city and keep traveling from there. There are amazing real estate websites, where you will find properties listed by various flat owners and brokers, and making a choice is rather easy when you choose the right website.

Have your own car

If you are not up for public transport, there is nothing more fun and affordable than having a car in India. Rental services in this country are way cheaper than most other countries, and you will find all kinds of vehicles worth hiring. Just make sure that you choose a bigger car when you are traveling for longer times. Also, it is best to ensure that you take a driver along, because many parts of the country have poor or highly tricky roads, which need knowledge and experience of the local drivers.

Happy planning for your next trip!


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