Lake Kivu is one of the most romantic destinations in inland Africa! Lying on the border of Rwanda and Congo, this is one of the dream destinations that offers the unforgettable leisurely experience. At the shores of Lake Kivu is the 5 star Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, the only 5 star hotel in Rwanda.

The luxurious hotel offers the best intercontinental and African cuisine. You can enjoy  the spacious hotel restaurant, swimming pool or at any area of your interest at the hotel. Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, has nice and fabulous rooming which are on international level and for your overnight stay at this lodge really you feel at home.

There are big sized bed rooms which overlook the Lake and during your stay you will relax in the room you can experience the cool breeze from the Lake Kivu.

You can also go for a boat cruise along the Lake Kivu visiting several fish villages. This is highly recommend any on your vacation trip in Rwanda to visit this Lake Kivu beach and stay at Lake Kivu Serena Hotel.


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