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Angkor Wat, a sprawling World Heritage Site, known as the simple of Cambodia, is the must-visit of everyone for visiting Cambodia. But there is much more than to see the temples where you can find to make this town more attractive to get a Cambodia tour and here are some:

1. Visiting Kampong Phluk and Tonle Sap lake

The Tonle Sap lake is the largest lake in Cambodia and a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Siemreap province. There are several floating villages that are sitting on the water and Kampong Phluk is an example. it depends on the dry or wet season; you may select a different way to visit this village. From February to July (Dry season), travelers will transport by a van but you can only explore on a boat. Visitors can see all of the daily activities from their boats such as: fishing by the local, selling souvenir shops or enjoying fresh seafood at a small restaurant on the lake. Or they may stay at home stay and eat with a local family in here.

2. Relax at Koh Rong

It’s located on the coast of Sihanouk Ville of Cambodia, Koh Rong is famous for its serene beauty. it’s known as an ‘island paradise’ by pristine white sandy beaches, warm crystal-clear ocean waters, and a hot tropical climate. The best time to visit Koh between the middle of November and May with low humidity and less cloud. At Koh Rong, travelers may do different activities such as swimming in the warm refreshing ocean, discovering exotic wildlife, learning local culture people… Koh Rong will give you memories for a lifetime.

3. Discovering Koh Ker

Situated approximately 120km from Siem Reap, Koh Ker stands as one of Cambodia’s special archaeological constructions of the Khmer people. This temple gives not only him but also other visitors a unique sensation of the architecture. Here, the architect carefully designed the structure, water surfaces, and water channels in an appropriate way, so that the whole pyramid could balance itself even in the worst weather condition. Therefore, you must come here once in your lifetime to reveal all of the mystery in this outstanding construction.

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