When you go to the spa, you are likely looking for some time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life so you can kickback, relax and rejuvenate your body. It is your time to forget the daily stresses of life and just lie back as you are pampered.

Not all spas are the same. So before going on a retreat to a spa whether in country or overseas, you should be clear in your mind on the kind of spa experience you want and what accompanying facilities would you expect of the hotel or resort you will be staying in.

Take time to conduct some research before you settle on any one spa. Make sure the spa has what you want. For instance, remember the distinction between European spas and American spas. You might book a spa expecting a European type spa and only to find out that it is an American-style spa. By then of course, it might be too late to change your reservation.

Your best source of information because of its objectivity is family, friends and work colleagues who have been to a spa hotel in or near where you intend to go on vacation. Since they are unlikely to have any vested interest, you will get to know where they were and what they were up to with minimal fudging (if any) of their account.

From their account, be on the lookout not just on what facilities they saw or used but what the quality of customer care was. Shoddy customer service can be a killjoy and negate any relaxation you would have hoped to enjoy.

Next, go to that old man of information on anything – the internet. Any spa hotel worth its salt will have information about the facilities and services on their own website. This kind of research will give you snapshot of the range of facilities and service as well as the rates you can expect to pay.

Another factor to consider when choosing a spa hotel is how near or far away it is from a major city. If you spend your normal life in a city environment, the last thing you want is a spa that is smack in the middle of a major city. Spa hotels that are far out but still easily accessible using road or rail are the most ideal.

If you are budget conscious, look for the affordable rates that are usually available off season. At this time, the spas have fewer visitors and are keen on luring holiday makers with competitive rates.

Taking all these into consideration should be adequate for you to settle on the most ideal location.


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