The Birthright Israel trip is one of the best ways for people between the ages of 18 and 26to explore Israel. The trips are completely free and give you the chance to explore many religious and historical landmarks and places of significance throughout Israel. However, if you want to apply for a trip, you will first need to register on Birthright Israel’s website. Filling out a Birthright Israel application is easy and doesn’t take up much time. If you want to apply for the Birthright Israel trip, here’s a quick guide to get started.

Read the eligibility guidelines

Before you fill out the application, you should first go through the eligibility criteria on the website. The trips are designed for college-aged individuals (18-26) from all over the globe. You should also have finished high school before departing on your trip.

The trip

The Birthright Israel trip lasts 10 days, and is designed to show you the Land of Israel. You will visit various historic sites with your tour guide. Some of the places you will visit include Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, and the Western Wall. If you can’t get 10 days off from work or school, you can opt for a seven-day trip. It lacks none of the experiences of the 10-day trip, except that the itinerary is tighter. You can also extend your trip by up to three months if you want. You will need to contact your airline for information. If you decide to extend the trip, it won’t be part of the Birthright Israel program and you will be treated like any other tourist in Israel.

Managing your fitness levels

One of the things that you need to know about the trip is that there’s a lot of physical activity involved. Therefore, you should start preparing for the trip several weeks in advance. There’s lots of long-distance walking along with climbing, hiking, swimming, and various other activities. This includes early wake-ups and late nights. It’s important that you adjust your schedule accordingly before applying for the trip.

Trip organizers

Birthright Israel is the umbrella organization that funds all the trips. However, once you register on the Birthright Israel site, all secondary information will be filled out through a link that you receive after registration. You must follow the instructions on the screen when filling out your application.


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