A cruise is one of the best holidays that you can take. It allows you to be able to see a bunch of different destinations without having to worry about changing lodging or the expenses associated with buying food for each meal.

It’s no wonder, after you go on your first cruise why you discover so many people become avid cruisers for life on holidays. Pound for pound it is certainly one of the most cost effective ways to have a holiday that is available out there.

Another big benefit in favour of cruises is that they travel all around the world. You would be hard pressed to find destinations where you cannot find a cruise holiday available. People use cruises to get all over the world and see new places in just one trip.

One of the best things about being a on a cruise holiday are the shore excursions that you can take once the ship docks in the port. Shore excursions are pre-planned events that have been coordinated between the cruise lines and vendors at each location.

They include things like shopping tours, scuba diving, animal viewings, food tours, glacier hikes, kayak tours and more!

Here are some of the most popular locations in the world to go on a cruise holiday:

  • The Mediterranean
  • Alaska
  • The Caribbean
  • Scandinavia
  • Mexico

Each of these destinations offers an incredible and unique place to enjoy a holiday, so it’s no wonder that they are some of the most popular spots in the world to visit on holiday.

In Mexico and the Caribbean, you can enjoy amazingly sunny weather and beautiful beaches, with delicious tropical food and plenty of active shore excursions. For the opposite approach, Alaska and Scandinavia offer incomparable natural beauty featuring vast glaciers and unique animal life. While a cruise to the Mediterranean provides an old world European culture and incredible food in one location.

With any of these locations you simply cannot go wrong when choosing where to go on your next holiday. So, while planning your next holiday, consider adding a cruise into the mix, it will surely be a holiday to remember!

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